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  • Marketing and Strategy Needs Assessment

  • The following are a set of questions that help us get to know you & your business better to help us do the best possible job we can do.

    These questions will help us uncover how your business works, your customers & community, your strategy and marketing background & expectations, and the available resources, all extremely critical to our performance.

    If necessary, we are happy to sign an MNDA to get access to answers for these questions.

    We also understand your company policy may not allow certain information requested here to be shared with third party vendors. The more information we can get, the better able we’ll be to work closely with you to generate results in line with your objectives.

    Remember to be as honest and as detailed as possible.

    If there are questions that don’t apply to your business or your current situation, skip them, and if you have any questions on why we’re asking you these things, feel free to ask!