In October of 2014, Firebrand was awarded a contract for development of a website and print collateral for the Strengthening Workforce Alignment in Montana’s Manufacturing and Energy Industries (SWAMMEI) project.

The project offers Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) eligible workers, veterans and other low-skilled student populations an opportunity to access accelerated training from anywhere in the state. The project is facilitated by a 13-member consortium of Montana’s two-year colleges.

Great Falls College Montana State University acts as the lead college for the facilitation of the project. Although our initial scope of work was web and print collateral development, our early research indicated that the project name, SWAMMEI, was not easily identifiable by the target market. SWAMMEI was frequently used among consortium members and other key stakeholders, however, we felt strongly that the brand and subsequent marketing efforts should be focused on potential students as the primary target market, and on consortium members secondarily. We proposed a rebrand to the consortium members and were granted a
contract extension to develop a new brand.

Our main goal was to develop a brand that was memorable, exciting and motivating. Our research indicated that the main barrier for potential students was taking the first step to connect with the appropriate college staff. We knew the brand had to be approachable
and encouraging.

RevUp Montana was developed through a series of brainstorming activities and tested against our initial research about the primary target market. We developed a logo that was similar to the SWAMMEI logo to reinforce the new brand with the secondary target market while still appealing to our primary market.

RevUp Montana has created quite a buzz on social media and amongst consortium members and participating colleges. We’ve received 100% buy in from key stakeholders on the new brand. RevUp Montana is a great example of our drive to ensure we make the best decisions for our clients, regardless of the initial scope of work. We go above and beyond when we know it will make a more positive impact on our clients’ goals and objectives.

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