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Firebrand Creative solves the critical growth challenges that every mission-driven business faces. As the strategic, holistic and sustainable way to grow your business and leverage your impact, we are redefining what it means to be a full-service agency.

As Montana’s first and only global agency focused on the change-makers, the mission-driven, and the community-focused brands, we create exceptional solutions to real problems, helping remarkable businesses make their mark.

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Our Story

Back in 2006, Amanda K. Larrinaga made her graceful exit from a Silicon Valley startup and began her mission of helping impact-driven businesses make their mark on the world.

Fast-forward almost a decade and what started as a small consultancy has transformed into Firebrand Creative, Montana’s first and only global agency with offices in Montana, Idaho, and California. While headquartered in Missoula, Montana, our big sky view and impact spans the globe.

Bringing together a team of experts from a range of industries, Firebrand Creative is providing more than the traditional “agency” services and is instead partnering with brands to help take their businesses and their impact to the next level.

Whether that is building a customer service and fulfillment program, launching a large-scale rebrand campaign, or co-creating domain expertise curriculum – our interdisciplinary, cross-industry approach allows our team to create truly meaningful solutions for our clients.

At Firebrand, we solve the tough problems and we help incredible businesses make a dramatic impact.

Our Team

Firebrand Creative is a talented group of unique individuals from all over the nation, with one goal in mind, helping remarkable businesses make their mark on this world.We are rule-breakers, changemakers, innovators, content creators, artists, millennial misfits, web developers, social media experts, brand developers, nerds, problem solvers and everything in-between.

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Firebrand Creative is redefining what it means to be a full-service agency. We collaborate with the change-makers, the mission-driven and the community-focused, creating exceptional solutions to real problems. We believe that one size doesn’t fit all. We see the problem and shape solutions into vision. Our approach focuses on creating custom, data driven solutions that will raise the bar for businesses to make a lasting impact.

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